Keynote speaker

Dr Carolyn Orr

Dr Carolyn Orr is a consultant neurologist based in Perth, WA. She originally comes from Scotland, and worked in the UK and the USA before making her home in Australia. She trained in medicine at the University of Glasgow, holds a PhD in Parkinson’s disease from the University of New South Wales, and did her clinical fellowships in the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. She specialises in neurodegenerative brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

There is increasing evidence that a large proportion of human illness is caused by air pollution, and that there is a profound connection between human health and the health of our environment. Carolyn is an environmental campaigner and speaker for Doctors for the Environment. She shows how climate change, fossil fuels, air pollution, prescribed burning and biodiversity loss interact to harm our brain and bodily health.

Carolyn will explain the enormous benefits to human health of a greener, cleaner world where our energy is renewable and our forests are thriving.