The 2024 conference offers a range of SIG workshops commencing on Sunday 25 August 2024.

Workshop Member Non Member
Full Day $280 $310
Half Day $140 $170
Virtual Full Day $150 $180
Virtual Half Day $70 $100

Additional tickets for social functions can be purchased. Full Registration does not include Workshops.

  • How to deal with rapid change in meteorology for air dispersion modelling?
  • Introduction to the Draft “Meteorology Modelling GPG”.
  • Discussion of the benefits or problems with a Federal Air Quality Body in Australia.

A Brainstorm for Cleaner Skies


‘Air Quality Measurement: Challenges and Opportunities’

“What have we learnt about biomass smoke from sensor networks”

The transition to sustainable transport – where to next?

  • International modelling handbook (Jennifer Barclay). The relevance of modelling in Australia/New Zealand for odour assessments.
  • Olfactometry in Europe, America and Australia/New Zealand. How does it differ and are there any drivers for change in Australia/New Zealand?
  • Field odour measurements in Europe, America, and Australia/New Zealand. Its utility in different applications and harmonisation from a regulatory perspective.
  • Local case studies: Tainting of grapes by woodsmoke – a sensory experience.
  • An emerging science in odour – The use of odour signatures and medical diagnosis: Crossover and challenges beyond the environmental space and utility of analytical techniques.
  • Sniffer dogs – The remarkable olfactory potential and its promise for revolutionising drugs and medical detection.
  • Sensory analysis: Can you tell the difference? A taste of different wine and water quality in Tasmania.