Conference APP

Get ready for an unparalleled Clean Air Conference 2024 experience with the use of Yapp!

Yapp is your go-to tool for unlocking the world of the Clean Air Conference 2024. Tailored exclusively for our event, this conference app will contain all the information you will require to make the most out of time at our event.

Key inclusions:

  • With an in-app social feed that fosters connections and discussions, enabling you to engage with fellow attendees, speakers, and sponsors like never before.
  • No more missing out on important updates – Yapp provides instant push notifications to keep you in the loop about schedule changes, announcements, and vital information.
  • Say goodbye to paper schedules – Yapp offers personalized digital schedules, allowing you to plan your conference journey with precision.
  • Navigating the conference venue will be a breeze, thanks to interactive venue maps. And don’t forget to explore our sponsor showcases within the app, where you can discover valuable insights and offerings.

The Clean Air Conference 2024 app Yapp is a feature-rich environment designed to keep you connected, informed, and engaged throughout every moment of the Clean Air Conference 2024.

To ensure you make the most of this incredible tool, we kindly request that you download Yapp prior to the event. This will allow you to familiarise yourself with its functionalities and ensure you’re well-prepared to dive into the Clean Air Conference 2024 experience headfirst.

Get ready for an unforgettable conference with Yapp by your side!