CASANZ anticipates welcoming 200+ delegates at their event, and over 100 for the Odour Conference, many of whom will join us from international locations. This brings the total combined delegates for both events to over 300, including a substantial number of unique attendees for the year 2024

The 2024 Clean Air Conference will welcome:

  • Air quality professionals and industry experts from around the world
  • Consultants who specialise in air pollution and air quality related environmental matters
  • National, State and Local Government representatives
  • Regulators
  • Industry suppliers
  • Researchers
  • Academia; and more

Conference Sub-Themes 

If the abstract does not specifically address the conference theme and sub-themes, the following general sectors/sources will also be considered.

  • General industry
  • Extraction industries
  • Transport
  • Residential heating
  • Agriculture
  • Bushfires